Monday, April 22, 2013

Boosting Productivity With Social Apps

By Jon Menager, Social Media Director

Being the social media director here at Tehama Group, I felt it was only right to do my videoblog about three of my favorite social media iOS apps that I’ve got on my Apple devices right now. Not only do I have an iPhone, but I also use an iPad and my Macbook Pro to do my work, so having applications that run cross-device is a big deal for me.

Check out this brief video about the three apps I currently love the most, all which have a social media aspect to them! All are free, and two out the the three are available for Android as well as iOS! Rockmelt, Hootsuite and Wunderlist 2 have not only helped me to increase my productivity this semester, but are absolutely awesome to use and gorgeously designed. Check them out!

Friday, April 19, 2013

April Showers? More like April Sunshine!

By Kellie Sones, Account Executive

Well, it’s officially warm in Chico. After a seemingly endless winter and nonexistent spring, summer seems to have arrived early. No one seems to mind this change in weather because when Chico heats up, we all look for ways to chill out and cool down.

If you’re like me, you’re always seeking new outdoor activities to enjoy during the summer. Well, look no further! Here are my top five Chico faves:

1. Bear Hole: A common favorite, Bear Hole is located in Upper Bidwell Park, a short drive, or a long hike away. I love Bear Hole for its scenic views and cool waters. The underwater tunnels are incredible too!

2. Thursday Night Market: I am a huge fan of two things: shopping and food. The Thursday Night Market is a great way to combine these two loves of mine in the company of great friends-and it’s just a short walk from home! Meander around downtown Chico and sample fresh goods and produce from local farmers.

3. River Road Bike Loop: The orchards are in bloom! If that isn’t reason enough to try this 20-mile bike loop, I don’t know what is. In just a few hours, you can escape reality and dive right into a world of serenity and natural beauty. I love to “stop and smell the roses,” or the cherry blossoms on this gorgeous ride.

4. One Mile: Chico’s beach, One Mile is a great place to enjoy time with family and friends, host a barbecue or simply sun yourself near this pool-converted river.

5. The WREC: Since the weather is getting warmer, it’s important to keep that summer bod in shape! For those especially sweltering days, cool off in the air-conditioned Wildcat Recreation Center. Work out on state-of-the-art exercise equipment or splash around in the enormous wade pool.

Happy hiking, biking, swimming and shopping!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Greek Life at Chico State Back Stronger Than Before

By Amanda Papapietro, Graphic Designer

As a lot of people may know, last semester Chico State’s Greek system came to a screeching halt. With recent deaths and situations getting out of hand, President Zingg suspended all Greek life in Dec. 2012. Everyone was put on a probation period but luckily all five Panhellenic sororities came back on campus.
With being newly reinstated, a lot of privileges were taken away. It was hard having all of this happen my senior year of college and my last semester in the sorority. I felt like I have worked so hard to become the leader and person I wanted to be for my chapter. Among many other events that we got back, we were still allowed to have recruitment or as a lot of people know it as, “rushing a sorority”.
Going into recruitment, many chapters including my own, thought that the suspension would be a major setback. I thought to myself, “why would anyone want to join a sorority in a time like this? We don’t look good in the eyes of the school with being suspended, and having majority of the main events taken away. What’s the point?”
As it turned out, every week leading up to recruitment more and more girls signed up. Breaking recruitment records, there was a total of 400 girls that signed up. That’s the largest group that we have had in a long time. Despite all the negativity going around, we pulled through and gained 63 great new members to each of our chapters.
There were many doubts regarding the success of the newly reinstated chapters. With restrictions and limitations on old events, it was hard to envision how Greek life would be. But with having such a great recruitment and huge turnout, we were all able to prove that our chapters are not based on the social aspect but the true bond of sisterhood and how it can benefit and enrich your life.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Adopting a Second Language for Success

By Miguel Rocha, Editorial Assistant 

What does it mean to be a native Spanish-speaking student with an English writing major? Well, for starters, at least for me, it means that I like to take on a challenge. There are really not a lot of students out there whose native language is Spanish (or other) and venture in a field predominated by the English language. It is hard.

But being bilingual only means that I am smart and have less chances of having dementia when I’m old, as described in this New York Times article.
However, it wasn’t easy. When I started, I felt that most of the time I was trying to catch up with my peers on assignments. As I progressed, it became easier. And today, I am totally rocking it!
Now, my peers are catching up to me. That is probably not true, but we are definitely at the same level.
Now that I am approaching the end of my era here at Chico State, I have started to reminisce about everything that I have learned, and I sometimes question if I have indeed, learned anything. But then when I write, it is then that I understand I have indeed learned a lot. I feel privileged to have received the best education from the best professors. Yup, Chico State has amazing, incredibly genius and dedicated professors that want and expect nothing less than perfection from students. For example, the professors of the Journalism and Public Relations Department.
English as my second language has only made me unique. And then that accent of mine, it just adds a plus to my uniqueness.
I would not change anything I have done even if it were possible because if I did, I wouldn’t be at this moment writing my blog. Because no matter how difficult college was, it has made me into the person that I am today, and I like who I am.
It is also about the experience of what it is like to succeed and make it through college. I knew as alluring as I might be (just kidding) it wasn’t going to be enough, so I worked very hard to be better, to be unique. And I think I am.

Sizzlin' Summer Beauty Products

By Lauren Fusco, PR Director

Summer is coming soon! Yay! In honor of the weather changing and our lives becoming a little more laid back (for students that is), I wanted to share all of my favorite summer beauty products! These aren't new products, but can be found in stores year around. Let me know if you want more information about any of the products I mentioned by commenting below!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

One Border to Another

By Louis Correa, Social Media Assistant

It is 4 a.m. on the first Friday of spring break, but I am wide awake anxiously waiting to begin my road trip. Over the break my two friends and I decided to head north instead of south for an adventure none of us will ever forget.

On our way to Portland, we spoke of many things including our past, present and future; conversations that will keep the driver from falling asleep. After eight long hours on the road, we had reached our destination but little did we know a surprise was awaiting us in the great city of Portland. We were surprised when the hotel manager at the place we were staying told us our reservation was never confirmed, we turned to each other and said, “S%#t!, now what?” realizing we had to pay more now.

Once we got the whole room situation figured out, we headed out to catch a glimpse of the sunset in downtown Portland. Walking up and down the city, I couldn’t help but be amazed by everything I saw including the buildings, people and food trucks. The place immediately won me over. The trip continued the next day as we headed to Seattle in search of the first Starbucks and Space Needle.

Seattle is a city filled with popular buildings and great food all around, but the one thing I wanted to see above all else was the Kurt Cobain bench. Nirvana was a huge influence for me growing up as I went through my grunge phase, so I thought it would be appropriate to pay my respects to the man who started it all. My friends and I were tired from two days straight on the road, yet we couldn’t rest until we had reached Canada.

On St. Patrick’s Day, we had finally made it. The Canadian border indicated our mission was accomplished; all we had to do now was just enjoy it.

This whole experience taught me two things: if possible travel often and enjoy the company of friends. I believe Jack Kerouac said it best. “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry.”-Jack Kerouac.  

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

De-stress with Nature

By Amber Whiteside, Online Communications Director

With finals approaching and soon-to-be-graduates sending out applications at a frantic, rapid rate, stress levels are skyrocketing. Luckily, the TGC staff lives in the beautiful town of Chico. The nickname City of the Trees paints a green picture in your mind, but some of us are so caught up in our own world, we rarely take a moment to stop and smell the roses. This video highlights the importance of nature. Being outdoors helps relieve stress and people who embrace nature will live happier and healthier lives.