Why We Love To Blog

We as practitioners of public relations believe that writing is one of our most valuable assets.

We enjoy writing. We're good at it. For the journalism majors in the agency, it has been our life for four years.

Now that we are budding professionals, we write for other people. We create their press releases, we pitch their stories, we build their media coverage reports and we love it.

We thrive on it.

But some days, we need to write for ourselves. We need to remember what makes us love communicating in the first place, so we blog.

We get the chance to sit down and write something with our unique voice. A creation that is all our own, about something we are passionate about. 

Have no fear, we keep it real. Our posts always circle back to public relations...because in general, so do we. We post about the industry and how it relates to our daily lives. Many of us are news fanatics at heart, so we like to keep up on current events and blogging helps us do just that.

And for our designers and photographers, blogging allows them the opportunity to explore new multimedia and social networking platforms.

 Please enjoy our blog. We do.