Monday, September 24, 2012

Where Will Textbooks Take Us Next?

By Shelby Hudak, Account Executive

I can remember just three years ago when I was purchasing my textbooks for my first semester at college. And now, just three years later, it fascinates me how buying textbooks has changed.

Back in 2009, my freshman year,  I wasn’t even aware textbooks were available to rent online. I remember the A.S. bookstore being jam-packed with students and the “TextLink” pick-up line being extremely long. 

My second semester of freshman year I overheard people talking about a book rental site called Chegg, but I was not convinced enough to try it.

Now as a senior, I look back on my freshman year and tell myself how crazy I was for spending $100 on a textbook from the bookstore, when I could have rented it for $30 or $40 at an online book rental site such as or

In my opinion, renting textbooks online is the most popular way students are getting their textbooks. I don’t think this will be the case forever, or even in the next five to 10 years. I believe there will be another huge shift in the textbook industry and students’ buying habits will shift to e-books. 

Forbes says students are in no hurry to follow the e-book trend. My prediction, however, is that textbook publishing companies will adapt and create e-books that students actually want to use, and the industry of e-books will flourish. 

We live in an exciting and evolving world that makes me eager about what technology will bring for future textbooks.


  1. This is SO true! I am so glad I learned about other sites! Especially since some books for general ed are so expensive and I have never used any of those again!

  2. I've literally saved hundreds of dollars by avoiding our bookstore and buying my textbooks on I also think the e-books industry will grow, especially if they start making even more easy-to-read screens like Kindle has. Great blog!

  3. It seems like the only times we buy books from the bookstore anymore is if they're NOT available cheaper elsewhere! Great blog Shelby! I know I really love my e-books, my kindle is so convenient!